Gordon Landsborough

The Grab: A Classic Crime Novel

Grab a beautiful girl, yank her out of her Istanbul hotel bed, and brazenly carry her into the night, clad only in pajamas. In 1953 Turkey, you can get away with that, if you have the right connections--unless professional Trouble-Buster Joe P. Heggy just happens to be looking on--and then you’re set for trouble. Heggy decides to investigate, only to encounter flat-faced Turkish thugs who want to eliminate him in any way possible. But the American can hold his own, aided by a bunch of wise-cracking, cynical construction workers trying to do their jobs in the face of sabotage and political intrigue. And when Heggy not only finds the girl, but kidnaps her back himself, things start getting very tense indeed… A real corker of a thriller, the first of a series of hardboiled crime novels yanked screaming from the pages of the 1950s pulp paperbacks!
158 printed pages
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