Stuffed, Eric Walters
Eric Walters


59 printed pages
When Ian and his classmates watch a documentary about the health concerns of eating fast food, Ian decides to start a boycott and stop everyone he can from eating at Frankie's, a huge fast-food chain with a questionable menu. The boycott takes off and Frankie's gets concerned. The company's lawyers threaten Ian and his friends and try to force them to stop the boycott. Ian must convince others that the boycott is a good idea. Can Ian stand up for what he believes in? Can you take on a corporate behemoth and win?
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Анна Миланова
Анна Милановаshared an impression8 months ago

Pretty expectable plot twists

Валентин Раншаков
Валентин Раншаковhas quoted8 months ago
I raced through the channels
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