“Testimony of Love”: Anecdotes of a Schizophrenic Woman, Maria Arteaga
Maria Arteaga

“Testimony of Love”: Anecdotes of a Schizophrenic Woman

“This is the story of part of my life. For me and for my family, it has been the hardest experience we have lived through. A test, that in a given moment was impossible to overcome by myself. I never thought that I could experience and endure the hell of being a schizophrenic. I was desesperately looking for a medication or treatment that could allow me to return to my original self, to be the same person that I used to be before getting sick, but I could not find anything; I was absolutely defeated. My every day’s thoughts were how to kill myself, and finally, in Jesus I found everything I was looking for.

I want to invite you to know every detail of my experience fighting the illness with Our Lord Jesus Christ through this book.”
68 printed pages
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