The Warriors of Olympus, Justin Robertson
Justin Robertson

The Warriors of Olympus

Some time in the future, in a universe beyond the stars, Olympus stands tall.
Four warriors were chosen over a long period of time, to one day take charge in the biggest battle of their lives! These warriors must seal the portal to Hell, after fighting off everything that dwells down there.
Another threat comes from yet another world, Asgard, home of the Viking Gods.
Join the warriors in a massive battle with demons, vampires, werewolfs, zombies, giants, skeletons, Titans, and the Gods of Asgard.
Odin vs Zeus! Hades vs Loki! Poseidon vs Loki!
You might remember the warriors, Owen Ridge and Ajax from The Eyes of a Demon. Juice from Skratches. Kevin Maywater from Monsters in Love. Wade McCloud and Jack from Guardian Angels.
This book is the final chapter of the eight books leading up to it; The Eyes of a Demon 1–2, Skratches 1–3, Monsters in Love 1–2, and Guardian Angels.
77 printed pages
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