Adams Actor

The Holy Spirit

America’s liberal youth is captivated by the Spiritualist phenomenon sweeping the country during the prohibition era of 1923. Tipping tables, levitating chairs and rapps on walls raise national attention.
At the height of the movement are the most prominent mediums and channelers the United States has ever come to witness. Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky and Three Spanish Dames are at the center of announcement, but another player lies at the end of the field. An investigator who has gained notoriety in New Orleans for debunking mediums and the myths that surround speaking with the dead.
With large waves of immigrants coming from across the Atlantic, New York is flooded with witchery and fortune tellers that don’t uphold the standard Christian practice. At the discretion of High Pastor Baptiste, Senator Hypolite of Louisiana is asked to dispatch one of its locals, Pierre Monye, back to New York and expose the fraudulence.
Monye heads forth on a mission to eradicate the imposers. His narcissistic behavior and alcohol addiction cause him to act irrationally. His colleague Tennessee, does his best to keep him in order, but things tend to get out of line in a moment’s notice when they step into the building.
While in New York, Monye encounters the highly regarded Gwenevere Baptiste. Who finds herself at odds and in constant dispute with her father the High Pastor. The Pastor strongly opposes the radical views of the Spiritualist movement and preaches against it during gospel. However, constantly challenged by his rebellious daughters’ uncompromising belief to speak against him, without knowledge of her secretly practicing Mediumship.
The mysterious investigator sidetracks the investigation when he falls infatuated with Gwenevere and his internal demons are cast aside by a growing affection and respect for the woman. At the heart of his dismay, Gwenevere takes a chance on him. Risking more damage to the credibility of the movement.
The High Pastor grows more resentful when his daughter Gwenevere, publicly announces herself a Medium and leader of Spiritualism and speaks against his word. Infuriated, the High Pastor re-directs his anger on Monye, stating, “It’s time we lay down the very demon we set loose”.
When Monye discovers Gwenevere is a Medium, he must choose to stand with her or rip the very thing she stands for apart, all while risking his life to escape the city before the Fellowship finishes him off.
163 printed pages
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