Jennifer Crump

Canada Under Attack

Canadians have been celebrated participants in numerous conflicts on foreign soil, but most Canadians aren’t aware that they’ve also had to defend themselves many times at home. From U.S. General Benedict Arnold’s covetous attempts to declare Canada the 14th colony during the American Revolution to the German U-boat battles in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Second World War, Canada has successfully defended itself against all invaders.

Jennifer Crump brings to life the battles fought by Canadians to ensure the country’s independence, from the almost ludicrous Pork n’ Beans War to the deadly War of 1812. She reveals the complex American and German plans to invade and conquer Canada, including the nearly 100-page blueprint for invading Canada commissioned by the U.S. government in 1935 — a scheme that remains current today!
251 printed pages
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