David McElwrath

Serpent Galaxy

Storyline of Reptilians from Andromeda Galaxy

The first Earth Ship to meet the Reptilians was not a human ship but an Advanced Ship of the Ancient and Advanced Race of the Vlar.

The Vlar were a very high Technology Ancient Race who expected to have no fear of the Snakes. However, the race of Reptilian's that were rapidly conquering all civilizations with which they came into contact were now a threat to all races whatever their level of Technology.

A century ago the Vlar never expected to be worried about the “Snakes” as all civilizations called them. Their conquests had become so rapid and their takeover of advanced civilizations and their technology that they were now a threat to every being in the Galaxy. The Vlar gave the Earth Humans some of their High Tech Ships as a kind of last effort since they held the Earth Humans in such low regard. The Vlar thought of the Earth Humans as Warlike, backward, and vicious animals who killed their own kind.

However, there were very few options left open to the Vlar so they gave the Earth Humans a few of their ships. The Snakes had millions of High Tech Ships that carried thousands of Snake Soldiers at several times the speed of light. The Vlar gave the Earth Humans a few dozen Vlar ships. The Snakes were over 7 feet tall and weighed over 500 pounds. They were equipped with fangs and claws like the Tyrannosaurus Rex of old Earth history. They liked to fight with hands or blade weapons to see the blood flow. They were cannibals in addition to being carnivores. They considered it honorable to eat your defeated foe and they were not above eating their own children.

The Snakes used Massed Ships in the millions to just roll over all the people they intended to conquer.

It was expected of any failed Snake Expeditions to commit suicide.

The Snakes occupied over 1400 planets and were continuing to conquer more as time went by. Apparently none could stand before the Snakes….. Could the small blue planet called Earth have a chance to survive?
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