J.D. Neill

Thief of Memories

Three lives on a collision course-a thief, a naïve woman, and a detective.

The calculating and heartless thief fills gaping holes in his psyche by stealing and inflicting wounds on vulnerable women. But Lisa was supposed to be his salvation. Optimistic and creative, she cannot believe the thief had a stolen identity when he married her or that he is behind so much heartbreak and two deaths-until he disappears, taking all she has. How could she have loved a monster?

Gifted with a highly developed intuitive sense, Detective John Marsh feels the profound pain of others, and when his sister falls victim, the frustrating hunt becomes personal.

But the villain has not finished with Lisa. He pursues her to where she hopes for a new life in rural France. There, in a surprising twist, Karma proves inevitable.
261 printed pages
Original publication
Lanni LV LLC



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