Mary Beth Hogland

Living in the Shadows

A super star stages his death to escape a government operation gone bad. He has to choose to give up his career or risk his life and his family’s life.
The man sits down and speaks to no one. He looks out the window and feels a huge weight on his shoulders. He realizes that his life is changing, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. His future is undefined, and his past is a memory. The flight attendant closes the door, and the pilot starts the engines on the jet. The jet is slowly moving out of the hangar and begins taxiing down the runway. The man is now named Jon Becker, a man not many people know—however, the man once was Eric Preston, who is known by the entire world.
Journey with Eric as he lives in the shadows of secrecy, searching for a new life; a life filled with love, adversity, danger, intrigue, serving God and government. Learn with Eric the secrets of life through the power of God.
264 printed pages
Original publication



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