Robert Snow Wiltshire,Susan Seawolf-Hayes

A Sad Saga In 1940's America

Nazis in America? Yes, it’s true. In 1940’s America, Hitler tried to gain a foot hold amongst those who were sympathetic with his cause. The ultimate prize for helping him attain his goal was for one nefarious religious organization to earn the right to possess all of the souls in the United States and Canada. But in one little town in the boot heel of Missouri, Hitler’s plans were foiled. Of course, most of the good citizens never knew how much danger they were nearly in or that they were disturbing any plans of the Third Reich. But dastardly deeds were roiling behind the scenes of the country store and the county fair. And a 10 year old boy was right in the big middle of all the happenings. This is his story and it will have you laughing buoyantly, knitting your brow in consternation and shaking your head disbelievingly at how his young mind perceived the events of the times.
170 printed pages
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