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Ellen Meeropol

Her Sister's Tattoo

A fateful incident at an antiwar protest pits sister against sister in this family saga about the longstanding cost of commitment.
In August of 1968, Rosa and Esther—sisters with matching red star tattoos—march together through downtown Detroit to protest the war in Vietnam. When a bloodied teenager reports that mounted police are beating protestors a few blocks away, the young women hurry to offer assistance. But their attempt to stop the violence has devastating consequences that will alter the course of both of their lives.
When the sisters are arrested, Rosa sees an opportunity to protest the war in court. With an infant daughter to protect, Esther will do anything to avoid prison—even testify against Rosa. Estranged for decades, their family story takes a new turn when their daughters finally meet. Told from multiple points of view and through the sisters’ never-mailed letters, Her Sister’s Tattoo explores the thorny intersection of family loyalty and political conviction.
296 printed pages
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Red Hen Press
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  • b8505476120shared an impression4 years ago
    💩Utter Crap

    This is terrible!! Utterly bad and a piece a crap

  • b7187286058shared an impression3 years ago

    All you have to say is UTTER CRAP.
    What is it you didn't care?
    I haven't a clue what what this is about.=

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