A Dip in the Ocean, Sarah Outen
Sarah Outen

A Dip in the Ocean

“Each day as I pulled the oars in for the night, watching the water droplets drip off the blades and back into the ocean, I wondered at all the strokes they had taken and all the ones left ahead of us before we reached land. Thousands. Millions, perhaps? Each one was quite literally a dip in the ocean.”

4,000 miles of unpredictable ocean

500 Chocolate bars

124 days of physical exertion

3 Guinness World Records set

1 incredible journey

On 1 April 2009, twenty-three-year-old Sarah Outen embarked on a solo voyage across the Indian Ocean in her rowing boat, Dippers. Powered by the grief of the sudden loss of her father and the determination to live life to the full, Sarah negotiated wild ocean storms, encounters with whales and the continuous threat of being capsized, losing 20 kg of her bodyweight before arriving in Mauritius. She became the first woman and the youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean.
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