Trish Corbett

How to Raise Kids with Integrity

The essential handbook for raising children!
If you want to become the very best role model you can be for your child, then international author and life coach Trish Corbett's book 'How to Raise Kids with Integrity' is the book for you. This essential book will guide both new and experienced parents alike to further understand what it takes. Trish's 9-PAC Integrity Approach Model will help you to evolve your own inner script and provides you with strategies and tools to help you raise our future generations to become empowered and compassionate adults.
You'll learn:
— The 9-PAC Integrity Approach Model — what you WISH you knew before you became a parent
— The SEE-R Communication approach
— The POWER of positive language
— How to raise your children to be confident individuals
— How small things have a MASSIVE impact on a child's mindset
— How to see children from a new/different perspective
— The lasting impact lessons learned in childhood have, not only shapint the person your children will become, but society as a whole
It's never too late to empower your children!
"What an amazing, empowering book. Not only does this book inspire me to be a better parent, it also shows me that I have the innate talents to be able to bring out the very best in my children." — Tash, Sydney, Australia
"How to Raise Kids with Integrity" provides educators and caregivers alike with practical strategies which support the quality teaching model, as well as the development of open mindsets in your students." — Nadja, Central Coast, Australia
226 printed pages
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    Adri Syamsoeyadihas quoted2 years ago
    come up with ‘win–win’ solutions.
    Adri Syamsoeyadihas quoted2 years ago
    can achieve their goals while being aware of other’s needs, have good boundaries, be respectful
    Adri Syamsoeyadihas quoted2 years ago
    When people communicate with this person, they feel respected, they know the person will be fair
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