Patrick Nafzger

Essential Jokes


There is a reason I compiled this book of humour, and it's a good one.

Ever since I can remember, humour has always been an ice breaker for me for two big and important reasons. It is for me an essential tool to use in career and social situations.

If you have read my book Explanations from a Londoner you will have discovered that I write not just on an interest point of view, but in an advisory capacity.

In my earlier years I was in the sales field and from the moment of making someone laugh you have them on your side. Most businesses are about selling and anyone in business knows that you have to sell yourself before the product. It's all about timing and slipping a joke in when the opportunity arises. Once done, the rewards are firstly self satisfaction knowing someone laughing because of you, and secondly, let's face it. In this stress ridden world it feels damn good to laugh. Just as important Humour can break the ice in a boy meets girl situation. Being funny attracts and can win over the opposite sex in a blink. Look at any dating statistics and sense of humour wins hands down. So humour can arguably solve two of the biggest and most important criteria in our lives. And in this day and age that has to be relationships and money. Laughter is contagious and often described as a medicine for the soul.

This book is intended to arm you with a very important weapon. So read a few jokes at a time, learn them off by heart. (No one likes a joke when it falls flat because the teller forgets the plot.) Once you're armed with humour, you have the ability to go out and conquer the world.
256 printed pages


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