Charlie, T.M. Nugent
T.M. Nugent


Charlie is the granddaughter of the original Chameleon, Brooks McLaughlin, and the daughter of Lucky McLaughlin, the son of Brooks McLaughlin. Charlie is the ultimate crime fighter, a woman with great skill and intelligence who works at solving crimes that normal police cannot solve. It is a crime-fighting family, and you read and see the family grow into a loving, caring unit.
Lucky is getting old and still has extraordinary skills, but decides to leave the crime-fighting business to his daughter Charlie, whom he has groomed and trained to the responsibility. Enjoy reading The Man with the Limp, The Chameleon Returns, which are the predecessors of Charlie. Have fun reading the saga of the McLaughlin family.
My name is T. M. Nugent, poet, short story writer, and novelist. Charlie is my third novel, and I enjoyed writing a story of a criminalist. I was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1949, to a family of six children, where I was a middle of the group in age. My mother took care of the household as my father was the breadwinner, sometimes working two jobs and doing education studies at night after work. He was a taskmaster who always made you strive for your best effort.
I was an average student and had a few years of college in junior colleges, where I received two associative arts degrees. I served time in the air force during the Vietnam era and became a restaurant person. I owned several restaurants and retired from that field when my wife of forty-two years passed away from cancer. I took my wife’s advice and traveled the western United States on a Harley Davidson, writing poetry and publishing eleven or so books of poetry.
I love to write but found Las Vegas difficult to write in and moved to Costa Rica with my new love, Corina. We are busy building our home in San Luis, where I have written five novels, three of which have not been published to this date.
Charlie is the third novel I have written. I am very busy and think of myself as being thirty years of age, but my body feels every bit of my seventy years. I hope you enjoy my writing. I hope to write and die with a computer on my lap, writing my last story and enjoying the ride. Pura vida! The good life!
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