Jason Scotts

Strength Training For Seniors: An Easy & Complete Step By Step Guide For YOU

b Strength trainingb and b seniorsb does not sound like a probable match, but in fact it is a match made in heaven. The mere thought of people who are past their physical prime pumping iron might seem vain or ludicrous, but millions of seniors are discovering the manifold benefits of strength training, and the medical community continues to produce studies showing that those who dare to incorporate strength training in their weekly routines gain all sorts of physical and emotional benefits. Unfortunately, many seniors discover the wonders of strength training while doing rehabilitation after a surgery or a fall. You donb t have to wait until you experience a health crisis to begin doing strength training. In fact, starting a regular strength training program could prevent many of the crises that force seniors to do workouts with weights. As more and more people live to older ages, more and more practices formerly thought of as being just for young people are creeping into older age categories as well. Seniors sky dive, seniors ski, seniors dance and seniors even get married and go on honeymoons. Thereb s no reason why you as a senior cannot take up a strength training regimen, and it might not take as long as you think. As more seniors begin to do strength training, they are finding that they feel better, look better and, in many cases, they are living longer as they get stronger and fitter. If the thought of any kind of exercise makes you feel a little ill, take heart. You can design your own program with the types of exercises that you enjoy and tone the parts of your body that you care about most.
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