Michael Ford

Listening to Angels

This book shows you how to listen to angels for answers to life questions. You read this right. 7 angels have stepped forward to help, including Archangel Michael. They will help you meet your own angels too.

Real-life photos of the 7 angels in light energy form are provided by them for this purpose.

Michael André Ford is an angel intuitive who pulls back the Veil to help people meet, hear and see angels and other unconditional love figures directly. He has assembled a short, fun book that could quite literally help you change a lot in your life, if you allow for this.

Slowing down, sitting still and being willing to listen are the only essential ingredients!

Angels are happy to assist with all matters, plus they'll shed light on your unique life path and the opportunities before you.

Experience, via the highest intent, more unconditional love and compassion, with fun and joy.
38 printed pages


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