Maria Danell


These poems are a chronicle of two years of my life, which at that time had just been turned upside down. I lost my perfectly planned future, my friends and my family. All these changes were initiated by my rebel son. I am very proud of him now, but there were times I felt crushed because of his stubbornness («My Lord»). His decision to begin his own life made me analyze mine («Cardinal virtues», “Dolce vita”) and made me contemplate my feelings («Happiness”). I started to question the wisdom of the path I had chosen to follow («Cave of ignorance”, “My friends”, “What's wrong”). I felt worn out («For the most dangerous thing is to wait”, “If you don't know”, “50 pennies and they're yours”). And then something unexpected happened; Love crossed my way («His commandment”, “And now it is love”, “For I”). Love had not been allowed to come into my life («Iridescent love”) but she did not care. I cursed («Damn!”), prayed («Prayer”) and argued with her («William and Isabelle”, “Thistle of Scotland”). I went to Australia knowing perfectly well that there would be no help there («The Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City”). Australia tried to hold me with its wit («Disneyland”, “Our Lord decided to be a merchant”) and its wild beauty («Susan River”, “Bloom upside down”, “Eye stone”). But all the time that I dwelled in this Garden of Eden Love stayed with me («Shelly beach”, “K'gari”) and did not want to die («To want so much”, “Pyrrhic Victory”). I had to come back, to face it («Spotting her”), to meet my memories («Come back to your sweet love!”), to make examination of my conscience («I abandoned you my Lord”) and find, if not what I left behind, then at least peace of mind.

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