Mike Clayton

Smart to Wise. The Seven Pillars for True Success

Being smart, savvy and knowledgeable during the early stages of your career is one thing. Being wise, an accomplished expert and someone who is widely regarded as having created something of substance and value is the next level. This book shows you how to take the knowledge that you have and turn it into the wisdom that leads people to regard you as a trusted colleague, partner or advisor. Smart to Wise sets out the 7 pillars that you must master, if you want to move from being seen as “smart” to being truly authoritative and trusted, and which will propel you on to the next level in your career and in the direction you want it to go. In mastering these 7 pillars, people at work, in your communituy and amongst your contacts will regard you as someone whose judgement and integrity they can trust absolutely, and to who they will look for advice, guidance and involvement in key projects and initiatives.
129 printed pages


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