Big Black Studs Sex Stories Bundle, Aaliyah Jackson
Aaliyah Jackson

Big Black Studs Sex Stories Bundle

This erotic collection of urban stories is all about dominant men and raw passion.

When La’Quisha finds herself completely broke with nobody to rely on, she has to do something fast. She has 15 dollars to her name, and nobody will hire her — that is, except for Monte Escorts, an exclusive escorting company that caters to upscale clientele. La’Quisha was raised in a strict Christian family and it goes against all her morals, but the money is almost too good to be true: $2,000 per session. Summoning up all her courage, she decides to not only sign up but to sign up to service groups, which would give her over $10,000 per session. “After all,” she thought, “If I do a group session, then I only have to do it once and I’ll have enough money to last me until I get a real job.” Little does she know that it’s a high paying job for a reason, and she finds herself pushed to the absolute limit as she has to pleasure multiple millionaires at once, while dealing with her own feelings of desire!
Giving It All To Jamal
Jamal is ripped, sexy, and popular… but losing your virginity only happens once, and it needs to be special. Sometimes things don't work out as planned, as Annabelle finds out as she finds herself giving in to her desires and losing it at a crowded house party!
Spank Me Daddy
Alexis is excited to start her new job working as a fashion designer, but when you're from the hood nothing comes easy, as she finds out when her low life ex-boyfriend Darryl shows up at her work. It's up to Matthew, her handsome boss, to handle the situation and do everything he can to make sure Alexis enjoys her time working for his company…
47 printed pages
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