Jessica McCarter Pontillo

75 Days of Jo

“Today is the day I will officially move into Pennington State College. I don't think I've ever been so terrified.”

Jo is embarking upon the biggest change of her life: going to college. Not only does she have to get used to a new place in a strange environment but she also has the obstacle of her roommate, Becky. Feeling anxious and distraught the moment her parents wave their final goodbyes, insecurity weighs heavily on Jo.

As she navigates adapting to a new place, finding a brutally honest best friend, and comparing herself to her tall thin, beautiful roommate, Jo finds love. But is it true love or a college fling? Hot Guy Matt tells her one thing and does another with Becky. Crazy roomies, parties, and meeting boys could be just the prescription for Jo to discover confidence, or to crash and burn in front of the whole student body.

75 Days of Jo is a fun, whimsical tale for anyone nostalgic about first love, new adventures and bitter frenemies.
130 printed pages
Original publication



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