Clive Cable

The Seven Health Habits of Happy People

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No matter what your level of health is right now, the strategies in this informative book will make you healthier.
Starting out with the concept of a “Health Bank Account” like a money bank account, except with your health, when you go too far overdrawn it leads to terminal illness.
Money can be replaced, your health can't. You either have poor health or rich health. When you read this book, you'll find out what your Health Quotient (H.Q.) is and the four key indicators that let you know exactly how healthy you are or aren't.
The first three health habits take you out of health debt and into health equity. The next three health habits boost your energy level and improve your memory and alertness.
The seventh habit removes all traces of stinking thinking that used to ruin your health and relationships. Now you can get strong, vibrant and energetic at any age.
Imagine that the traumatic life events that happen to us all have no health effects on you. It's as if you're superhuman and the “stress bullets” just bounce off you.
However, these same stress bullets penetrate and go deep within if you're in health debt — causing pain, agony and distress.
Within the pages of this book you'll discover how to have health by choice, not by chance. You'll stress-proof your body and mind, shield yourself against almost any illness, and look forward to each new day knowing you can slow down and even reverse the effects of aging.
There's also an unusual, yet fun way to make your body stronger as you age. Tests have shown a strong body means you'll live longer and feel younger.
And as you'll discover in habit seven when you master your mind, anything is possible. This is not a book to read, rather a book to live by. A totally new concept that bullet-proofs your health and adds a new dimension to the mind body connection. An absolute 'must' if you plan on stopping the aging process while staying healthy and active all your life.
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