Captain Art Samson,Linden Gross

The Captains' Airline

Twenty-five years ago two 737s were destroyed in accidents attributed to a similar Boeing design flaw. During those years the projected accident rate was destined to cripple the airline industry. The dramatic change was necessary, and a new operating regimen was born, one reliant on effective team dynamics and clear communication. Sounds easy but imagine the turmoil behind the scenes as the old hierarchy toppled.

Airline captain and 737 check pilot Art Samson rode that wave and came away with a novel full of harrowing tales to show for it. From zany to gut-wrenching, he and his airline compatriots crafted a new normal. With the help of protagonist Brad Morehouse, a former Navy Blue Angel with a pedigree in precision teamwork, the stage was set for a rollicking good ride. Because unless they get it right, WE'RE GOING DOWN!
411 printed pages
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