Brian Guthrie

Rise: Part I

On a shattered world protected from the cold of space by a water shield, the people are dependent on Ancient technology to survive. Now, that network is breaking down and the water on one shell is running out, setting the inhabitants on a path toward war. The search to find answers brings four complete strangers, each struggling with their own inner turmoil, together to prevent the destruction of the world as they know it.
“I’m supposed to tell you my story,” she said. “It isn’t a fun one to tell. But, if the Queen believes the answer to her puzzle is in it and you want to hear it, well, here goes.” She paused, a single finger tapping the table, lips pursed in thought. “This is the story of how my world ended.”
Thus begins the recount of how the struggles of four people set in motion events that reshaped an entire world.
149 printed pages
Original publication


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