Larry Moen

Meditations for Transformation

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At some point, we all seek to "e;transform"e; our lives. It may be a spiritual or physical transformation, the desire for a new career, or a change in relationship. Whatever the challenge of your transformation, this collection of guided meditations offers you many paths to facilitate that change, improve the quality of your life, move through your daily existence, and tap into your higher self. The higher self consists of an inner core of pure beauty which is a descendant of Divine Energy. This beauty exists deep within and can be perceived as a hollow cylinder of vibration and light. The desire to see causes the reflection, and at that point loving light penetrates the perception of fearful darkness and transformation occurs, by turning inside out, or reversing. Creative imagery is a tool that can change the inner knowledge and perceptions by allowing you to see the outside world from within first. Transformation occurs during the changing of the guard, or reality, from Nothing to Something or Something to Nothing. Meditations for Transformationprovides wonderful alternative realities from a cross-section of professionals including, physicians, psychologists, healers, teachers, and authors who have found ways to help themselves, and the people they love, attain inner change and growth. I was first introduced to guided imagery at a workshop called "e;Healing Your Inner Child"e; taught by Margot Escott. My journey into healing and opening up to the love that is available to all of us inspired me to pursue many paths of personal growth, such as self-hypnosis, Tai-Chi, yoga, visualization, chanting and other explorations. While experiencing these avenues, I found I was growing into a more calm, serene person. Also, many athletes achieve peak performance in their particular sports through practicing meditative visualization. Professional golfers and tennis players are among those who use these techniques to improve their games. Visualizing that you can successfully manage a situation helps you confront and master that situation. Visualize yourself already accomplishing a goal, and your mind and body assume you have. Certain thoughts produce related emotions. If you think sad thoughts, you experience unhappiness. If you think fearful thoughts, you experience anxiety. If you think joyful thoughts, you experience happiness. For example, think about your kitchen; close your eyes and imagine what the room looks like. Next, see if you can remember all the colors in your kitchen. Now imagine taking a piece of lemon, slicing it, putting it into your mouth, and taking a bite. Did you start to salivate? This is an example of intended thought into imagery. You now see that you do have the ability to change your reality. When you enter this new reality family, you may discover your thoughts no longer control you, but that you are able to control your thoughts. The intent comes from center. Just as a potter molds his clay, you are capable of transforming yourself in any manner you choose. You can change your programming. You can develop greater self-awareness and self-love and realize your full potential as a Spiritual Light Being having a human experience. It is my hope that you will become the person you were truly meant to be. May you obtain inner peace, love, serenity, and happiness for the good you accomplish by guiding yourself and others. Good luck and happy images!
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