Kathy Alexis

My Book of Bible Verses & Daily Prayers

This book is intended to mould the young child’s mind, with an understanding of God and praying, using the short biblical verses and little prayers while learning their alphabet. There is also a declaration page which you can personalize for your child and pronounce God’s blessing on your little one’s life.
This book has been inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. To Him we give all honour, glory and praise. I am involved in the children’s ministry at my local church and this book can be used as a suitable tool for very young children to learn bible verses with the alphabet as a guide. The Word of God states that we ought to
hide God’s Word in our hearts, so that we would not sin against Him. What is learned at a very young age will remain in the minds of children and as they
grow to adults forever. Then the little prayers will get them ready to communicate with God at a tender age.
56 printed pages
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