Houston Cei

Nymphette Daughter

A lesbian named Julie was ready to experiment with heterosexual love. Against all odds, she became
pregnant. The noble Henry proposed marriage and she accepted. The birth of the
baby brought them joy and they bonded as a family.  Rosalinda grew to be smart, talented, and lovely. She held onto her virginity until her late teens but her beauty and charm led her into a robust love life.

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

For almost three months after
the sexual encounter that Henry, Frank and Jessie had with Beth and her
daughters, it was Jessie who could not stop thinking and talking about Beth. He had only known her for one night but spoke of her as if they had been friends
for years. Henry and Frank were amused by his conversation but also somewhat
confused that someone with the playboy’s reputation that Jessie had would be so infatuated with someone who could be described as a “plump, older woman” by the
average young airman. Jessie would have none of that; Beth was his Mona Lisa
and he was despondent that he did not even have her address, her phone number
or even her last name. All he could do was hitch-hike to town and back more
times than he really needed to in the hope that she would once again offer him a ride.

As fate would have it, the contact Jessie had dreamed of, finally happened. A fellow airman came from the day room to tell him that he had a phone call, “Sounds like a sexy chick, you lucky dog.”

Jessie answered the phone in the day room  and as soon as he heard,
“Hello Jessie, this is Beth,” he felt the butterflies in his stomach. He was
very nervous but also was thrilled that she had called. Although he had no way
of getting in touch with her, it was easy to call the airbase and get the extension to the barracks, and for that fact, Jessie was thankful beyond words.
He was shaking and his words were stuttered, and realizing his anxiety, Beth
said the things she hoped he wanted to hear so as to put him at ease. She invited him for dinner and a visit and said that she could come to the base to pick him up at this very moment. Of course, he accepted the invitation.

After hanging up the phone,
Jessie went to the parking lot outside the barracks to wait for his ride. It would take at least fifteen minutes to drive from town to the base, but that
was not on his mind at that time; he just simply wanted to be there waiting so as not to miss his dear Beth. While waiting, it struck him that he was the only
one invited and was thus wondering exactly what the “visit” would entail, but more importantly, he was just delighted that he would see the woman he loved
and had been missing for several weeks.

When the car arrived, Jessie
saw that only Janice accompanied Beth, and with no sign of Julie, he made no assumptions and asked no questions. Beth got out of the car to approach him as he was standing in the parking lot.  She gave him a tender kiss on the lips that was received with whistles from a group
of four airmen passing by, and then Jessie was finally at ease. Seeing Beth and feeling the touch of her lips on his along with the amusing approval of the
other airmen put an end to all of his previous anxiety. She opened the car door
for Jessie in chauffeur-like fashion with him to ride shotgun while Janice
would ride in the back seat. Looking a little different from their last
meeting, Beth was wearing a fashionable mini-skirt and as she sat in the
driver’s seat her skirt was hiked up to the point that Jessie had a perfect
view of her hefty, but beautifully shaped legs.
126 printed pages
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