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Grump the Goldfish Goes for a Swim

Grump Goldfish is Andy's fish, but Andy is going away for the summer and has no one to take care of Grump. He searches for someone to help but can't find anyone. Andy is worried what will happen to Grump if he can't find a home for her. Grump is scared to go anywhere else but in the fish bowl in Andy's room. Andy explains to Grump that he is going to find a better home for her. He discovers a small pool in the Little Creek behind his house. The guppies and tadpoles in the little pool invite him to bring Grump there for a swim to see if she would like to stay there. After a good talk Grump agrees to take a swim in the little pool by the creek. She ends up loving her new home and makes friends with the guppies and tadpoles.
34 printed pages
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