Nenad Pacek

The Answers: The Global Economy. What challenges are posed by the world economy for governments and businesses, and what changes are needed if we are to survive and prosper in the future?

What challenges are posed by the world economy for governments and businesses, and what changes are needed if we are to survive and prosper in the future? The strength of the world economy affects everyone. From Thessalonika to Shanghai, Indonesia to Illinois, the prosperity and economic security of billions of people is now bound together more closely than ever before. Overall, the economic news for the last two decades has been positive. Billions of people in traditionally poorer parts of the world are climbing out of poverty – but everyone’s economic future is uncertain. As the world emerges from the largest economic crisis in peace time, it is painfully clear that economic cycles and shocks can be frequent, complex and severe.The book provides essential facts about the global economy, its regions and prospects. It also outlines current and future economic challenges, how they arose and why they matter, as well as demographic trends and key country strategic economic/business outlooks. Above all, the book highlights what changes are need to improve the global economy and what corporations need to do to survive and prosper in the new post-crisis world.
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