Walid O.Khalil

Ziad and the Genies

Ziad Discovers the Ark of King Cheop is the exciting first episode of the enjoyable fantasy series The Adventures of Ziad and the Genies, written by the bestselling Saudi Arabian author Walid O. Khalil. This spirited novel takes young readers on the thrilling, mystic journey of Ziad, a prodigious young boy who travels back in time — along with his genie friends and the mysterious Prince Ali — to the unknown world of the Egyptian pyramids. Through a brisk, narrative voyage, Ziad courageously enters the forbidden temple of mummification, where the young explorer's longing for the eerie and the unknown hurls him through a labyrinth of curiosities, tunnels, corridors, and pharaonic trails, to the ever-secret room, where King Cheop lies buried. But who really is Ziad? How does he travel back to this ancient and legendary era? And how does he discover the mythical Ark of King Cheop? Originally published in Arabic, Ziad Discovers the Ark of King Cheop is one of the most popular contemporary novels for young adults in the Arab world.

Joaquin Burchmore, a young Shadow warrior, is thrown into a world of uncertainty as he races to find his grandfather's extraordinary axe. An axe which has been passed from generation to generation for a thousand years. With the help of his four close friends, Ruppin, Trenth, Donvin and Fagal, who only wants true adventure, they descend into the foreboding Underworld where their search leads them on the adventure of a lifetime. However, little do any of them know that the greatest threat their small planet of Quanasses has ever faced, is bearing down on them from across the vast distance of space in search of something very, very special. Will they find the axe in time before it falls into the wrong hands and reveal its true purpose? Or will they watch helplessly as their planet heads towards total destruction?
247 printed pages
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