Rickard Isachsen

ISABELLA: The Legend of The Little General

The tiny nation forming a part of the Southern Region of the European continent has been basking in sunshine, peace and prosperity for a generation during the 14th Century – until Aloise Kuiper, Emperor of the Northern Region, recently beset by political instability and riots, decides otherwise.
The most powerful force the world has ever known: three massive armies exceeding 200,000 soldiers, supported by cavalry and the latest weapons of mass destruction – 2,000 giant cannons – is assembled to launch a surprise attack on their unsuspecting southern neighbor. Emperor Kuiper wants their riches, their gold and their diamonds – and he wants them now!

Outnumbered ten-to-one, the leaders of the tiny southern nation consider they must surrender without a fight, but a slip of girl, orphaned 12-year old Isabella Mondeo, has other ideas. She maneuvers her nation into a long and bloody conflict where, over the years, she meets two of the most powerful men in Europe who will shape her life: her nation's Commander-in-Chief, who she falls in love with and who wants nothing from her, and the Commander-in-Chief of the enemy forces who wants everything, including that Isabella share his throne as empress. Isabella soon finds herself thrown into the front lines face-to-face with the roaring cannons and fighting for her life behind enemy lines!

Over the years of the campaign, her strategies, courage and exploits as she leads her own brigade into battles, become legendary to the combatants of both sides of the conflict, and by 15 she is known by friend and foe as The Magician for her battlefield achievements. Alexander duPonti, the Royal Scribe and the South's most revered scholar, accompanies the campaign to record every detail of the epic and exciting battles, and the most heart-warming love story ever told. He declared in his journals that this part of his nation's history would be remembered for a thousand years – and he was right. His journals have given birth to Isabella: The Legend of The Little General!
699 printed pages
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