Don't Take What's Mine, Tracey te Braake
Tracey te Braake

Don't Take What's Mine

He held her heart from the moment they met & yet she continued to deny that there was an attraction between them.
She fell helplessly in love with him & he fell for her too but the fantasy of his illusion quickly wore off after they were married.
His eyes began to wonder & before long he was seeking comfort in the arms of others. She found out the hard way when he broke her heart after he admitted that he wasn't in love with her anymore.
Saddened & angered by his betrayal she leaves without a trace, seeking comfort in the arms of her best friend.
The best friend, who has been secretly in love with her for many years & has had to watch idly by whilst she threw herself at him.
The best friend, who can't stand the man that broke her heart & wants nothing more than to fix her by giving her all the love she'd ever want.
What happens when feelings that were hidden for so long finally come bubbling to the surface?
Does the best friend get the girl or will the man who broke her heart?
445 printed pages
Original publication



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