Blindsided, Finding Joy Through Tragedy, Michael Corey Barnes
Michael Corey Barnes

Blindsided, Finding Joy Through Tragedy

What happens when one day you walk through the doors of your life and without any warning you are blindsided, left hurting and wounded? Emotional scars so deep that the idea of moving forward seems impossible. What can take away this pain that makes every breath so difficult? As the vibrance of each day loses its color, you have to find the strength to make it to tomorrow. Your children, job and family are depending on you to carry on. Each day becomes more and more tiresome until finally your strength gives way and you fall to your knees crying out for answers. Then, like a sudden powerful wind you are blindsided--again, but this time it is by something more powerful covering you from head to toe…

Blindsided, finding joy through tragedy, is the true story of a man whose wife walks away from their eleven year marriage leaving him emotionally, physically, and spiritually broken. As he struggles to understand why, he ends up finding himself through a process of surrendering to God. Ultimately, his journey leads him to joy, forgiveness and healing. This book also contains forty daily prayers that were written during his journey. The prayers helped him find peace and comfort as he struggled with rejection, loss, and disappointment. In addition to the prayers, the author provides personal stories that deal with the constant struggles of separation, divorce, and co-parenting. This story demonstrates how God's love can heal even the most broken hearted and will inspire all who read it to seek forgiveness and healing in their own hearts.
123 printed pages
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