Sexual Purity, Is It Still Possible?, Tekena Ikoko
Tekena Ikoko

Sexual Purity, Is It Still Possible?



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The soul is made of three components: the intellect, the will, and the emotions.
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“Virginity is lack of opportunity,” he bragged, “and there is no real young guy that can claim to abstain from sex in this generation.”
Tekena remained silent as they watched some ladies walk pass, but Jude received another bolt of inspiration. “And what does a guy do when he sees these beautiful creatures?” he persisted, and pointed to their tight revealing clothes. “Isn’t sex the normal thing to do when you are in love?”
Over the next thirty minutes, Tekena Ikoko, president, Single But Not Stupid™ awareness campaign, ventured into dangerous waters. He peeled layers off the secrecy and silence surrounding sexual purity..
Sexual Purity: is it still possible? unveils practical steps to achieving sexual purity in the midst of a generation that is shaped by rape, incest, and heartbreak. Its simple, analytical, and detailed approach makes it a must read for all teenagers, youths, and singles.
If you are tired of the conventional, religious, and ambiguous approach to sexual purity, then this book is for you.

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