Roberto Torres

My Life Sabor Latino

With all the mayhem in todays society there is a must that this world has a positive role model in hip hop for all cultures.In febuary 28,2013 Sabor Latino released his first album titled «Observations of my life vol1.To be able to fullfil his mission Sabor realized that his life is more than just a song on a radio so he transcribed his life into something the people can read.Inside his book there are twelve chapters.In these twelve chapters the reader will be able to learn how to write a book,how to create a completed music cd,the value of a college education,and many more detailed experiences full of inspiration. As we all know that in this society that we are living in creating positive minds is a very difficult thing to excel at. Sabor Latinos major in pshycology and education as well as his experiences as a social worker has allowed him to trully see the importance of helping other and being a role model.Since music can be used as a therapy,it is also a powerful tool when it comes to coping with challenges of all magnitudes.In summary, you will be able to understand that nothing in life is easy but as long as you work hard you will be able to have success.The legacy of Sabor Latino will live for ever as his album and book are the blueprints left to many more generations to come.
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