Brandon Posivak

Step on the Cracks

In a 2018 study by the American Psychological Association, Gen Z respondents were shown to be the most stressed and had the poorest overall mental health of any generation.

As a member of Generation Z, Brandon Posivak went on a search for answers and applicable advice for cultivating genuine happiness. In Step on the Cracks: Reinventing Happiness, Positivity, and Optimism, Posivak shares what he has learned, as well as his passion and excitement for helping others, self-reflection, and learning about happiness.

This book answers the questions:
What can I do in order to improve my own happiness, positivity, and optimism?How can social media be used in a healthy way?What does it really mean to be “happy” and how can I find it?What will a positive and optimistic outlook do for my future?Ultimately, this book is a tool to help Generation Z to build a foundation for their own happiness and future success and see how to apply what they learn in this book to not only improve their own life but to the lives of those around them too.
205 printed pages
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