Self Genesis I Am The Hero Of My Journey, Jasper Jade Rivers Allen
Jasper Jade Rivers Allen

Self Genesis I Am The Hero Of My Journey

Self Genesis: “I Am The Hero Of My Journey,” is the ultimate transformative guide to awakening your timeless self and finding your purpose.  This first volume in the Self Genesis series is a must read, for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment.  You will embark on a journey of self discovery and transformation.  On this quest you will explore the multiverse within to awaken the timeless hero at the core of your being.  The true destination of the hero is to the realm within, to the life force, the consciousness, the source of the eternal.  Your true path can only be found at the center of the internal world.   Through meditation and the teachings of Self Genesis you will awaken the ability to evovle into your true self.  This is your journey, you are the hero and you will find yourself deep within your celestial being at the nucleus of self, the core of your consciousness where you will remember your destiny.
31 printed pages
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