Shawn Burke

Fit Body Roadmap

Good Health is the Best Wealth
Bodybuilding is probably the most trending yet healthiest activity that any millennial can perform. Among many things that people want in their life, building muscles and gaining strength is on the top priority due to the look good factor. Gaining muscles is not just an indicator of strength but also an overall fitness of the body.
Studies show that with one-third of world's population is considered obese and 75% of them are considered to be overweight in some way, then there is a conscious effort amongst a majority of the population to change their lifestyle and get back into shape.
According to a research, the average amount of time spent exercising each day, for those aged over 15 who exercise regularly, is between 30 and 59 minutes.
Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.
1 in every 7 people is a member of a gym.
More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth.
The membership dropout rate within the first eight weeks of joining a gym is about 80%.
Many people are fumbling with gym equipment, training sessions, personal trainers, supplements to get the lean, toned and desired muscular physique.
But what they lack is the right guidance and knowledge it takes to achieve their physical goals.
And due to this, they are spinning in the vicious cycle of so-called trainers, supplements, and steroids only to gain no results…yet now we have the — Fit Body Roadmap
Your path to a body so fit you feel like you can do everything you want with strength and sexiness
A comprehensive guide that will empower you with the latest, updated, and effectual strength and muscle building tips and techniques to overcome all the barriers in your journey and establish yourself as a fitness authority for either gender
Learn everything you need to know to get yourself on the path of Fitness, Happiness, Beauty, Strength, Muscular Physique, Long-term Customers and the Bucket-loads of Profits…
Both Online and Offline Marketers Can Make a Killing Using this Miraculous Info product!
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