Patrick Nafzger

Explanations from a Londoner

Explanations from a Londoner.

Throughout this book you will hit upon essential poems weaving in and out of the many profound and important categories I have chosen to depict.

I am setting out to write my thoughts and theory on life to accompany my poems, which are all inspired by my life's experiences. Various relationships, my ups my downs, my fears and how I set about trying to conquered them (Most of them) my aspirations and recognising my strengths, my weaknesses and coming to terms with the truth about myself ultimately to be Honest with myself, in order that I can be honest to others. I am a live and let live type of guy, so I have not set out to judge or ridicule any living thing, be it animal or human populating this planet. As you read on you will become aware that I emphasize what can be counted on one hand the key factors and poignant ingredients that form our way of thinking and determine our individual characters, personality, our drive, our strengths and weaknesses, our close resemblances to the animal kingdom and our human traits that shape our personalities and lives.This book is about a state of mind, a state of mind that exists throughout the whole of the world, the U S A, Asia, Europe and not forgetting The Middle East regions.

I am not a scientist, a physicist, a psychologist or anyone with a Degree, a Diploma, a PHD, or any certificates or any other piece of paper with important words saying I am qualified to state my views and my theory on the subjects I have chosen to study and write about.

In fact I left school at fifteen years old and I have never taken a test or exam in my life.

But! I am an ardent observer of life and gained my knowledge from real life experiences.

I suppose I can be compared to a competent pianist that can't read music.

Whether an avid reader or not, my simplistic scientific and technical facts at the beginning of this book are necessary, and as the book progresses you will understand why.
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