Daniel Stacy Barron

I Feel, Therefore I Am

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“An ‘i feel, therefore i am’ orientation to human nature is not about excessive hand-wringing, ideational emptiness, or just being sensitive. One can be hugely sensitive and hugely closed off in the heart at the same time, as it is very easy to ‘feel’ when you are safely and unconsciously living behind an energetic wall around one’s heartfield, or when safely and defendedly universalized or transcendentalized above the raw and undefended experience of the dualistic.
So if it’s easy for anyone to feel first without doing years of proactive and arduous identification and deconstruction of one’s unconscious defenses, the Bright Age can easily show how such a person is mistaking sensitivity for actual heart vulnerability and living behind a castle wall made of will, energy, thought-forms, body sensations, universality, or transcendence, and wholly unconscious that one is doing so.
‘i feel, therefore i am’ as applied to everyday life is about feeling first, willing second, thinking third, and acting fourth, which we all do anyway but have never been conditioned to notice. It means a person has learned to be vulnerable at the beginning of every life moment, unguarded and unprotected in a world where feeling first is absolutely not what people do as they will first, think first, act first, or transcend first. Feeling first means one is so vulnerably opened up in an unsafe world it has the power to put one into a significant panic. That panic slowly becomes more easily borne the more one learns to be emotively authentic and mature moment-to-moment in all the domains of one’s life.”
~ ds barron
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