Candy Moore

Destiny & Trent 2

In part one of Destiny and Trent, some light was shed on Trent and what he did to earn his extra cash on the side. We also saw Julissa wasn't as good of a friend to Jamika as she claimed to be.
In this final installment, it's about to get turned upside down!
Trent's past screw-ups come back to bite him in the ass when he least expects it. Destiny has the tough decision to make of whether or not to forgive Trent. Jamika sees another side of Eric, a side that he thought was buried. But after an unfortunate incident happens to him, he is forced to resurrect the old Eric with the help of his brother!
So who's about to find love and happiness, who's about to be forgiven. And who's about to get a visit from the Grim Reaper?
Find out whose hood love stays standing in this final installment of Destiny and Trent!
128 printed pages
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