Keaton Albertson

The Anti-Therapist

While working as a treatment facilitator for sex offenders at an inpatient mental health institution, Keaton Albertson conducted clinical interviews with the likes of goat fuckers, urinal lickers, and fecal masturbators. Interacting with this population of pariahs provided him the opportunity to encounter some of the most perverse persons ever to be squeezed out of a festering vagina. The Anti-Therapist contains transcripts of interviews that Keaton carried out with real patients who were court ordered to receive treatment for their sex crimes. To parallel these transcripts, Keaton has included anecdotal accounts of his personal endeavors with colleagues and managerial staff both inside and away from the office. Most of the content included within these pages is utterly disgusting and may seem too grotesque or bizarre to be true. But therein lies the frightening reality behind the work. Sex offenders of this caliber exist. And they are in plentiful numbers amongst us. Here is a sample of their stories and of some treatment providers who tried to redirect them.
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