Images of Red River: A Selection of Readings Concerning the Period from 1790 to 1870, Ken Medd
Ken Medd

Images of Red River: A Selection of Readings Concerning the Period from 1790 to 1870

157 printed pages
This is a collection of historical readings about the Red River Settlement and some of the events that occurred there during the period from about 1790 to 1870. The events are interesting in themselves and, when read in sequence, illustrate many of the changes that took place in the settlment during the period. The readings offer glimpses into the competitive and highly aggressive relations between the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company before the companies merged in 1821. They reveal a complex human environment, including delicate and challenging relationships among the European occupiers, the French Canadian, Scottish and English Metis of Red River, the local Saulteaux and the neighbouring Cree, Assiniboine and Sioux. The readings also include census counts and several physical descriptions of the settlement, which extended for miles along the banks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.
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anorris28has quoted4 years ago
“After a few days, we started to go up the Red River, and in two days came to the mouth of the Assiniboine, where we found great numbers of Ojibbeways and Ottawwaws encamped. As soon as we arrived, the chiefs met, to take our case into consideration, and to agree on some method of providing for us. “These, our relations,” said one of the chiefs, “have come to us from a distant country. These two little boys are not able to provide for them, and we must not suffer them to be in want among us.” Then one man after another offered to hunt for us; and they agreed also, since we had started to come for the purpose of hunting beaver, and since our hunters had died on the way, that each should give us some part of what they should kill. We then all started to go up the Assinneboin river, and the first night we camped among the buffaloe. In the morning, I was allowed to go out with some Indians, who went to hunt buffaloes. We killed one of four bulls which we found. We continued to ascend the Assinneboin about ten days, killing many bears as we travelled along. The Assinneboin is broad, shallow and crooked, and the water, like that of the Red River, is turbid; but the bottom is sandy, while that of the Red is commonly muddy.
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