Chris Sprudzans

Project II: Part One

Isabel Baise and her boyfriend Jordan King are both journalists working for a British travel magazine. They accept an assignment to travel to Turkey to write an article about the picturesque snowfields at Mt Erciyes. While there, Jordan convinces Isabel to join him on a surprise trip to Alexandretta-a decision that would change their lives forever.

Weeks later, a woman awakens in a lavish hotel room in South Africa with no memory of who she is or why she is there. Confronted by increasingly strange events leads this woman down a dark journey of discovery as she fights to uncover what has happened to her. Does she have something in common with Isabel Baise?

The path leads to a United States air force base in Turkey that over recent years has gained a reputation for performing strange and unsanctioned medical procedures. Could the American-backed NASA be involved in this woman's predicament? Could the United States government be conducting illegal medical procedures to win the new space race? Are they willing to murder in cold blood to protect their new project?

Project II.
204 printed pages
Original publication


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