Agatha Christie

Created Single

Are You Looking For Validation, Approval and Love as Single person whether male or female? If you’re among the millions of single people who find themselves not appreciating where they are as individual, CREATED SINGLE will help you become appreciative of what God has made you to be; an individual fi rst. Social standard has taught us to embrace another human being in order to satisfy our happiness, daily struggle, peace and love. However, God says different. We were created in His Image and Likeness. We were born equipped to be whole individuals. You will…
• Discover the individual God has created in you, purpose and potential
• Appreciate the uniqueness of your singleness
• How To Love Self and acknowledge your worth
• How you can fall in love with God
• There is value to your singleness
• Living as a single individual and enjoying it
• Perfecting the inner you
A single individual who has lived the life searching for love and approval, Agatha B. Christie is committed to helping individuals find their uniqueness as a single person: married or single alike. She shares how through her experience that it’s ok to be single and happy while living in a world where your singleness is discriminated on. Agatha Bernett Christie, is a media consultant in television production and a freelance photographer. Her credits including producing television shows, commercials, infomercials, directing stage plays, concerts, political rallies, conventions, conferences along with training in television production.
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    kkladiosahas quotedlast year
    No one ever told me it was okay to be an individual and complete in my singleness.
    kkladiosahas quotedlast year
    “Singleness is a state to be pursued, not avoided.”
    kkladiosahas quotedlast year
    We shouldn’t marry because we want someone else to make us happy
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