Gaurabh Sengupta

Wud U Lik 2 B My Date

Rohit Sanayal, a guy from a simple, everyday family from Kolkata, had an extraordinary dream of establishing himself as an actor in Bollywood. But, because of his stubborn dad, he landed up in an engineering college where he met the witty Asish, the food loving Fatty, the incorrigible Rajvir and the charming Ayushi and realized that destiny has its own way of revealing itself. Also, it topples across a few questions like “What are the after effects of your grandma catching you watching porn?” “What if one day you wake up and realize that your admission in your college is on the verge of getting cancelled?” “How devastating is it when your roommate's mom catches you fagging?” “Why there is nothing like friendship?” “Why a sudden trip to Goa is always an awesome idea?” “How much daunting it is to propose to the girl you want to spend your life with?”Etc., etc., etc… Have a nice read…
246 printed pages


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