1 Minute for Your Faith in 80 keywords, Patrice Berger
Patrice Berger

1 Minute for Your Faith in 80 keywords

186 printed pages
Are Christian’s masochistic? If God is good, why is there suffering? Is it possible to know God’s will?
You’re young. You have some hard questions. You want to grow your faith. This book is for you! This little guide addresses more than 80 issues you meet as a teenager, such as the Bible, Christian life, addiction, suffering, sexuality, etc. If you don’t really like to read, reach article will take only a few minutes. If you like to read and want to know more, this book tells you how to find answers to your questions — in English or in French.
This book was originally published in Europe in French. The links to the French-language magazine for teenagers, Ta Jeunesse (Your Youth), have been retained in the English edition. So if you are adventurous and want to learn more about a subject while trying out French, scan the QR code with your smartphone or enter the link at the bottom of the article directly into your browser and delve deeper into topics you are interested in.
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