Carla Spivack

The Smart Woman's Guide to Property Law

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The income gap between women and men has gotten lots of attention in the last few decades: today women earn seventy-nine cents for every dollar men earn. But fewer people are aware of the much more serious wealth gap: for every dollar in wealth men own, women own thirty-two cents. Thirty-two cents! Wealth matters. Wealth is what gives us a financial safety net when we lose our jobs, break up a relationship or divorce, we or our dependents become sick, or when we are hit by some other financial crisis. It enables us to build security, to give our children a future, and to retire. It is passed from generation to generation, allowing wealthy families to stay wealthy over time. Wealth can generate income, whether through investments in the financial markets, or real estate, or through funding a startup business, and more. Significant wealth even allows us to influence our world by allowing us to contribute to political campaigns and policy initiatives. For these reasons, wealth is a better indicator of financial status than income: it reveals who is secure and influential and who is not.
By treating women and men equally without recognizing the gross social and economic advantages that differentiate us, the law perpetuates the wealth gap.
Here, Carla Spivack takes readers through a tour of a woman’s life stages and the property laws that may apply and hinder their financial independence. From living together to marriage, from divorce to inheritance, the circumstances invite unfair treatment that leaves women out in the cold. Understanding how to protect your assets, fight for what is fair, and increase financial security is increasingly important as the wage gap continues to flourish. Readers will learn about the laws that work against them and how to protect themselves regardless of their relationship status. For all women of all ages, here is your guide to keeping your wealth not matter how your relationship fares.
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