Thea Thomas

Millie in the Mirror

Millie in the Mirror — A Little Bit of Mystery, and a Whole Lot of Sweet Romance ….

Alone on their own in the spectacular, high-in-the-clouds apartment in Seattle after Nikki's parents are called to their jobs in Southern California, Nikki and her best friend, Yumi, embark on a fabulous escapade with their two gorgeous young men, Alex and Mitch.

Nikki just wants to have fun — but her scrying mirror has other plans. What secret is she to unravel about Millie the Victorian hat-maker, whose faded poster remains on the wall of Seattle's Underground City?

Determined to answer that spellbinding question, she and her friends embark on a mystery that completely changes one of their lives.

If you relish mystery and adore romance, you'll love taking a journey with Nikki and her friends to The City Under Seattle.

Read Millie in the Mirror today, and share in Nikki, Yumi, Mitch, and Alex's grand adventure!

147 printed pages
Original publication



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