Walter A Wheat

Oh, Those Days! Memories Through Poetry

Now in his 70th year of life on God's earth, Walter A. Wheat has lots of memories to share. As a child, Walter grew up in the country and around the farms. Somewhat isolated from community activities and sports events, Walter discovered a self-passion for literature and poetry. In his mind, he imagined floating down the Mississippi River with Huckleberry Finn, riding the Purple Sage with Zane Grey, becoming a leading man in countless movie pictures, and imagining what life would be life in the far-off future. Reality then set-in. Like many men, Walter became a soldier, served meritoriously in Vietnam and learned to love. Then came Walter's working career, his years of academics in the classroom, and his retirement… but do his memories end here?

Oh, Those Days! Memories Through Poetry is not a book about anything in particular. Walter A. Wheat offers an assortment of poems, including poems about love, losses, broken hearts, guardian angels and living a life of loneliness. In some poems, Walter offers discreet advice that is based upon his own recollections. Walter has experienced each and every emotion and, through his poetic creativity, has written them down in a form that is completely understandable. Do you enjoy nostalgia? Perhaps one can parallel Walter's memories and make his remembrances their own. Maybe a lesson, or two, can be attained. Regardless of your motive, Walter A. Wheat loves sharing his poetry with you.

49 printed pages
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